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Electrolytic Plating

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American Meta-Pack Company offer electro-plating that will conforms to all military and aerospace specification. Gold is widely used in the electronic idustry as contactors when the critical of low contact resistance is required.

We ultize state of the art to ensure that your plating adhere well to your base material.

MIL-G-45204 / MILDTL-45204 / ASTM B488 / AMS 2422

ELECTROLYTIC: QQ-N-290 / ASTM B689 / AMS 2403 / AMS 2423 / AMS 2424

ELECTROLESS: MIL-C-26074 / ASTM B733 / AMS 2404

ASTM B700 / QQ-S-365


MIL-P-81728 / ASTM B549 / AMS 2408